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Pleated Taffeta Skirt, featured in Austin Way Magazine!

Thank you, Austin Way, for showing my Pleated Taffeta Skirt on your Not to Be Missed page! These Silk Taffeta Skirts are handmade by me on demand in my Austin studio. Pick your pleasure...Evergreen or Black.Deep pleats that are pressed flat and crisp, with side zip, semi-adjustable waist. Knee length. Deep side seam pockets to hold all of your essentials. Please order early for your holiday parties!

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Read my interview with Alexandra Wilson

What does the rose signify for you? Recurrent themes for me are beauty and optimism, which I find through rose imagery and the use of my signature color red. I chose the rose as my logo, because, to me, a full, opened rose is absolutely, completely, perfectly beautiful. I find a rose's color and shape completely random and magical. Seeing a big, open rose is so beautiful to me, and that beauty inspires me in my clothing designs. I offer an item with rose imagery in every collection. Also, I am inspired by a riveting, deep red color. It all started when I saw a woman in a swingy red skirt crossing the street when I was traveling in Eperney,...

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Silk Brocade Jacket, available for a limited time

Silk Brocade Jacket, available for a limited time[/caption]   The Silk Brocade Jacket This particular studio-made jacket is available only as long as I can get the fabrics shown here. I will remove it from the site when the fabrics are not available, so please order quickly if you are interested in this item! This jacket is easy fitting, and designed to last a lifetime. It is generously sized, unlined, light and crisp, and can be worn year-round, day-to-evening. When I designed it, I had in mind a jacket that you can wear anywhere. For special occasions, like a wedding or formal evening, it could be paired with a lacy top, silk pants, and heels. For work, it could be...

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